Yerba brava

From Messi to Obama, the Pope and “Che” Guevara, everyone makes up the culture of mate and yerba. Yerba brava is a testimonial, apocryphal documentary that tells the story of the myth of a yerba mate with alleged “superpowers” and how powerful spheres of society attempt to appropriate it and exploit it.


Nico is a drama short film that narrates the relationship between drugs and the youth, a problem that is very common in poor areas where the authorities’ presence is scarce. A fictional story that looks for solutions to put an end to this situation.


Andrea has lost her job and due to her unfavorable financial situation, she cannot pay rent and has no choice but to become an urban recycler. Her daughter starts suspecting there’s something wrong and, in order to put her mind at ease, Andrea creates cardboard sculptures to escape with her to a better reality.