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Twice Colonized

In the first Inuit co-production across colonial borders, renowned Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter has spent a lifetime fighting for the rights of her people. When her youngest son dies unexpectedly, Aaju embarks on a personal journey to reclaim her language and identity and to bring her colonizers to justice, both in Canada and Denmark.

Dos Ríos

Betty Vásquez lives in Honduras. Affected by hurricanes Eta and Iota, she gets together with other women to resist the extractive projects in their territory. María Caal lives in Guatemala. A Mayan Q´eqchi´ land defender, she’s part of a group of families who oppose a hydroelectric plan. While they don’t know each other, they share […]

A través de la tierra

Blanca and Patzi migrated from Bolivia to Argentina. They carry knowledge from ancient history: the memory of an Aymará dream. After migrating, things have a different name, time, and place. Roots grow in the dark, walking along the roads of the Earth. The sense of community emerging from the city is a way of creating […]