Two Argentine thermoelectric plants have caused significant damage to the residents of the Matheu neighborhood. After a long struggle, they finally managed to have them closed down. However, the investigation carried out increased the unease of the neighbors, who not only fear their reopening, but also the powerful actors who protect them.

In the Name of Lithium

Clemente Flores lives in the El Moreno community, in Salinas Grandes, Jujuy, where indigenous communities struggle to stop the imminent arrival of multinational mining companies to extract lithium, the new white gold. In search of answers to his silenced claim to be included in decision-making, Clemente embarks on a revealing journey, to return and organize, […]

Living Breath

An indigenous community of the Kariri people, located in Chapada do Araripe (a rural area in the state of Ceará, Brazil), reflects about water, contrasting the indigenous myth of recreating the world together with the waters against the capitalist development narrative of controlling water and human and non-human bodies inhabiting the San Francisco River.