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Crude secrets about the Cantarell oil field, Mexico’s most prolific offshore oil reserve, are portrayed in reverse in Well. The mysteries of the family of the fisherman who discovered the country’s greatest energy treasure are accompanied in chorus by the intrigues, apparitions, and petrosexual traumas of the inhabitants of Ciudad del Carmen.

Les courants parallèles

The proliferation of hydroelectric dams on the Mekong River is forcing Samnang, the leader of an indigenous community, to fight for his survival and that of nature. Meanwhile, in the Cambodian capital, Sothy, a painter and survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide, applies himself to a duty of remembrance and reveals an apparent recurring violence.

La teoría del derrame. Educación ambiental, memoria y no justicia en Magdalena

This documentary explores the judiciary plot of the largest oil spill ever on freshwater. It exposes the fight of the environmental activists who took action to reveal the effects of this disaster while it triggers an exercise of remembrance among the younger generations through activities and workshops on artistic activism and environmental education.