This documentary follows Cruz, a Raramuri indigenous man, and his family, who were driven out of their land by a drug cartel as they refused to switch from growing corn to opium poppies. Having been displaced to the city, their lives under threat, they are in a desperate quest for justice and a safe return […]

Fight or Flight: Human Rights Defenders in Iraq

Kamaran, Jazmine and Ali are three young idealists who have risked their lives and those of their loved ones to peacefully defend human rights in Iraq. ´Fight or flight´ tells the struggles, challenges, hopes and fears of those who defend the right to water, freedom of expression, women and civil rights in a war-torn country.

The Sacrifice Zone

In one of the most toxic neighborhoods in the US, people are forced to co-exist with a garbage incinerator, a sewage treatment facility, an airport, a seaport, and thousands of trucks, all spewing harmful chemicals into the air. The film follows María as she fights for environmental justice and works to build a just and […]