Last Days at Sea

Reyboy is 12 and lives in Karihatag, a small, isolated fishing village in the south of the Philippines, where, every morning, the men set out to sea. Their daily catch is shared upon their return and the area close to the shore has been turned into an ecological safe haven for fish. In Karihatag, every […]

Making Pandemics

SARS, Ebola, Covid-19… Since the 2000s, we have faced at least one new infectious disease every year, 70% of which are transmitted from animals to humans. Follow Juliette Binoche across 4 continents as she meets with ´disease ecologists´ who study the links between diseases and environmental modifications. To them, this ´pandemics epidemic´ is due to […]


Ten years after Home, Yann Arthus-Bertrand returns with Legacy, a powerful cry from the heart. In it, he shares a sensitive and radical vision of our world, which he has seen deteriorate over the course of a generation, and reveals a suffering planet, a disoriented humanity incapable of taking seriously the threat that weighs on […]