Hatun Phaqcha, Healthy Earth

Peru, a country rich in history, culture and above all in biodiversity, is also the land of many of the famed ´superfoods´; that is, natural products whose high nutritional content could transform the way we eat, here and all over the world. However, today Peru is one of the countries with the highest rates of […]

Iwianch, the Devil Deer

An enigmatic presence haunts the depths of the Amazon rainforest, where an indigenous Achuar teenager has disappeared. During the search for the young man, his family resorts to a shaman who, in a deep trance, reveals that the young man has been taken by the devil, but he has managed to show him the way […]

The Energy of Peoples

In Mexico and Guatemala, energy production is detrimental to the people through privatization, dispossession of natural resources and violent impositions to meet growing industrial demand. Faced with megaprojects that threaten their territories and their living, rural and urban communities set out to generate their own power.