Magic and reality merge into a South American native community that struggles to protect its land. Excluded and impoverished, the Qom people acknowledge themselves as the ultimate guardians of the forest and as a central part of the ecosystem they inhabit. The protagonists invite us on a trip where indigenous and nature are mixed up […]

Onde Tem Indio Tem Floresta

The preservation of rainforests is directly linked to the presence of indigenous peoples, who have ancient knowledge on how to live in harmony and unity with the natural environment that surrounds them. The title of this film is crystal clear and presents an evident claim that many people still insist on ignoring: Onde Tem Indio […]


Production at Russia’s enormous Bovanenkovo gas field began in 2012. Bovanenkovo is located on the Yamal Peninsula, in Siberia, where winter temperatures are extreme. Gas production facilities obstruct the historical migration routes of the Nenets people, indigenous reindeer herders, who have to pass through industrial zones to reach their summer pastures. They face a stark […]