Count Dracula and the Fracking Drama – Episode 3

El Conde Drácula y el colmo del fracking – Episodio 3

A free adaptation using puppets of the short story ‘El fracking, una historia esdrújula’ [Fracking, a proparoxytonic story], by Martín Crespi and Diana Chereau. This series follows Count Dracula as he gradually becomes aware of the negative impacts of extractivism in Argentina and speaks to children to promote different alternatives to it.

Disponible en Octubre TV del 17 al 24 de junio

Argentina / 2020 / 4’14” / Web Series
L: Spanish
T: Fracking, Childhood and Youth
S: Finquita
D: El colmo títeres, Observatorio Petrolero Sur y Vacabonsai Colectivo Audiovisual


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