Agroecology Is the Key

El camino es la agroecología
International Short and Medium-Lenght Films Official Competition

Do we use agriculture to produce food or money? Is it profitable to produce without poison? How do we want to feed ourselves? Can we imagine agriculture as centered on biodiversity, as well as on soil and human health? Producers, retailers and consumers open their farm gates and doors to claim that agroecology is the key. If you are interested in the present and the future of how we inhabit this planet, then listen to them. It´s time to change our ways. It’s time for a new paradigm.

Disponible en Octubre TV del 17 al 24 de junio

Argentina / 2021 / 43’25” / Documentary
L: Spanish
T: Food Sovereignty, Agroecology
S: Food Sovereignty
D: Elías Sáez
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