International Feature Films Official Competition

Benjamín, his uncle César and Genaro are driven by their Mennonite boss to a desolate spot in the Paraguayan Chaco, where they have to build a fence. The days are long, the progress is slow. Benjamín can’t get used to the hard, dull work and the oppressive silence of this arid region. The boss finally returns 30 days later; unsatisfied with the work, he tells them they need to stay three more days. César and Genaro stay behind…but this time around the wait will be eternal.

Disponible en Octubre TV del 17 al 24 de junio

Paraguay (Mexico) / 2021 / 87′ / Fiction
L: Guarani, Spanish, Plattdeutsch, Enlhet
T: FICDH – Human Rights, Human Rights
S: FICDH-Human Rights
D: Federico Adorno


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