Before they Fall

Conservation groups, indigenous communities and scientists come together in this film, as a decades-long battle to protect endangered old-growth forests in British Columbia, Canada, escalates at Fairy Creek (the last unprotected, intact valley on southern Vancouver Island), on Pacheedaht territory. The film explores the characters’ individual relationships with ancient forests, and why it is of […]

Agroecology Is the Key

Do we use agriculture to produce food or money? Is it profitable to produce without poison? How do we want to feed ourselves? Can we imagine agriculture as centered on biodiversity, as well as on soil and human health? Producers, retailers and consumers open their farm gates and doors to claim that agroecology is the […]

Feeling the Apocalypse

From the disappearing wildlife in his hometown Owen Sound to the anxiety he gets—and which he finds difficult to share with others—from seeing news stories about the melting of Greenland, psychotherapist Anderson Todd tells us how the climate crisis shakes his view of the present and the future deeply. But even with the collapse of […]