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International Feature Films Official Competition

Katherine Bruce

Executive Director at the Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival, Canada. Has worked extensively in the arts sector as a producer in film, theater and visual arts including the UK-based Cape Farewell: a response to climate change. Currently serves on the board of the international Green Film Network.

Florencia Nates

Florencia holds a BA in Social Communications, specializing in Environmental and Sustainable Development. She also oversees the Sustainable Audiovisual Production area for Cucuza Audiovisuales. Additionally, she serves as the Argentine ambassador at The Creative Industries Pact for Sustainable Action. She has been a jury member for film festivals such as PEFF and FINCA, and an Eco Manager for local and international productions.

Gloria Carrion

She’s a director, screenwriter and social analyst. In 2017, she debuted with the award-winning Heiress of the Wind at the IDFA. Her first animated documentary short, Hojas de K., debuted at the Sheffield DocFest and Locarno in 2022, also winning awards. She is currently developing her second feature film documentary.

Valentina Scanziani

Valentina is a social entrepreneur and economist. She is the founder and president of the Voice Over Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering social and environmental justice through advocacy and promotion. In addition, she has co-founded Ashoka Italy and other non-profit organizations with the ultimate goal of systemic change.

Birgit Heidsiek

Birgit is a political scientist. She is founder of the European Center for Sustainable Media. Since 2013, she has reported on green methods in film and media. Her magazine, Green Film Shooting, and reports offer an overview of sustainable activities in the European industry. Author of the Green Film Handbook; she is a consultant on green initiatives in film festivals and film projects.

International Short and Medium-Length Films Official Competition

Guillermo Folguera

Guillermo is a biologist, a philosopher and he’s also been an environmental activist for the last two decades. He is currently working as a researcher at CONICET and as a teacher at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). His most recent books are La ciencia sin freno and Veneno. He has two daughters: Alma and Uma.

Pedro Piñeiro Fuente

Pedro is the director of the Ecozine Film Festival, a member of the Green Film Network and Arafilmfest. He has produced films like Buñuel, A Surrealist Filmmaker, Epílogo para la muerte del fauno, and Following Nazarin, among others. He is currently producing Sueños cumplidos and Memoria de los olvidados.

Laura Zalazar

Born in La Quiaca, Jujuy, in 1978, Laura moved to Buenos Aires with her family at the age of seven. She has been a member of political and artistic collectives, participated in audiovisual projects, and she went to film school. She has worked as an art manager for TV and print. She is a Sociology undergraduate at the UBA and is a member of the En la Tierra y la Red de Memoria India collective. She is a teacher at the Bartolina Sisa high school and collaborates with the Indigenous Film Festival BAIn.

Vanessa Cuervo Forero

A Colombian cultural manager, Vanessa is a dancer and impact producer. She’s the Program Director for Latin America at Doc Society and coordinates the SolidariLabs network in Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. She is a board member of Historias en Kilómetros, which supports the Truth Commission. She is also the co-founder of the Impacto Nodo Sur collective.

Helena Klachko

Helena is an actress, a performer, a singer and an advertising model. She’s been nominated for the Lola Mora Awards for her work as a journalist for digital TV. She has published books such as De la cultura al feminismo, and has collaborated in artistic orientation with FLACSO and UNDAV. Currently, she is part of the Postgraduate Secretariat of the Universidad Nacional de las Artes and an assistant in theater studies.

Latin-American Documentary Films Official Competition

Dörte Schneider

Born in Germany, Dörte has been living in Portugal since 2000. She worked for 20 years as an assistant director on films of different genres. In 2020, she became a Green Consultant, the first in Portugal. She conducts workshops on sustainability in the audiovisual industry and coordinates the training of green consultants in Portugal. She believes in the creative power of art and its importance in transforming society.

Cruz Lisandro Morena

Cruz is an Argentinian filmmaker and photographer specialized in human rights and social migrations. He founded the Urgent Civil Association to promote cultural activities and training. Moreover, he is a member and producer at national and international film festivals. His documentary The Unity of Birds was internationally awarded. At present, he is producing a documentary on the migration of the Senegalese community.

Bashe Nuhem Charole

She’s an expert in audiovisual and intercultural communication. She has training in languages, television production, on-camera makeup, and scriptwriting. She’s worked in radio, indigenous media, film festivals, and screenings. She leads projects and workshops in Chaco with a focus on gender and indigenous culture. She’s active in the feminist collective, coordinates a community indigenous film series in Chaco, and works at Fan 96.9 radio.

Sonia Bertotti

Sonia is a film producer and teacher. She’s a member of the LOBA manada audiovisual collective. Her recent fiction and documentary projects include Al impenetrable, Amplificadas, T-CIS, and La playita (winner of the Historias Breves competition). She has directed more than 30 video clips and 14 short films, and has received more than 50 national and international awards.

Enrique Viale

Enrique is a lawyer specializing in Environmental Law. He is the founder and president of the Argentine Association of Environmental Lawyers. He serves as a member of the International Rights Of Nature Tribunal and the Executive Committee at the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. He has also written several books and articles on Environmental Justice and Development.


Argentine Network of Audiovisual Festivals and Exhibitions

Alejandra Marano

Alejandra is an executive producer with experience in finance and planning. She’s an  art director and sustainability consultant specializing in environmental and social issues of the 2030 Agenda. She’s currently a partner of EcoVision, Brazil and is the executive director of Construir TV, Construir Cine, and SANFIC ODS LAB. She also acts as mentor for the Series Lab Fiction at Sanfic Industria Chile. 

Nora Di Domenica

Nora is a cultural manager who was the head of Divercine, the International Film Festival for children and youth, in San Martín de los Andes and other cities from 2003 to 2017. Since 2014 she has been co-director and general producer of Cine a la Vista, SMA International Film Festival for Teenagers.

Violeta Burkart Noe

Violeta is a journalist, a teacher, and a cultural manager. She’s the co-director of the FICAA (International African Film Festival of Argentina). She directed the film Argenmex, exiliadxs hijxs (2007). She holds a BA in Social Communication from the UBA, where she is a Sound Production thesis director.

Damián Martínez

Damián is a filmmaker and the director of the Puerto Madryn International Film Festival, MAFICI, which celebrates its 12th edition this year. He has directed the short film Como dos extraños, which won the INCAA’s Historias Breves contest in 2022/23. He directed the documentary The Lord of the Penguins, which had its world premiere in India in 2024.

Ezequiel Dalinger

Ezequiel holds a degree in Image and Sound Design and is getting his Master’s in cultural and Creative Organizations Administration. He created and is the director of ANIMA LATINA, the Latin American Animation Film Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He is a teacher for the BA in Digital Arts and Design course at the Universidad del Salvador. He is also a curator and distributor at ANIMATION 1908, a distribution company for animations.


Argentine Catholic Association for Communication

Elisa Vidal

She is a secondary, higher, and special education professor in literature; she is a specialist in education, languages, and media (UNSAM, 2008). She has contributed to publications such as Didáctica para el uso del cine en el aula. Furthermore, she is a member of Signis. Elisa has been a jury at various festivals and has been part of the Cine Mundo Chico project since 2012. She represents Signis Argentina at the Ecclesial Network for the Defense of the Guaraní Aquifer.

Julieta Baccaro

Julieta has been an art director and wardrobe stylist for music videos and short films such as La barrera (2017), Chico Miguel (2018), Farma (2019, in post-production stage), and El diario de Cecilia (2023, in post-production stage). She is a Production undergrad at the National University of Arts (UNA) training in art, costume design, makeup, and image composition. She is a technical translator with a specialization in audiovisual translation. Her recent projects include Ensemble, pas plus (Fauna 2022) and El mito de la primera dama decapitada (Audiovisual writing, vol. I, IIAA–DAAV -UNA, 2023).

Rodrigo Martini

Rodrigo is a multimedia technician and a student at the University of National Arts. He is a filmmaker at his production company Lumineida Films. Also, he is a member of the theater company Buelos. Rodrigo is the director and screenwriter of De religiones y dictaduras, about the Riojan martyrs beatified by Pope Francis. He has directed Tu voz entre las voces, Talismán, Solo, Como Rivotril and Anomalía. He was the host of the program Notas al pie.