La Villa

Scampia, Naples. In the heart of the neighbourhood, amongst tall buildings and stretches of concrete paving, there is a large public park, “La Villa Comunale”: a natural oasis, where people meet in search of a space to feel free. The whirring sound of helicopters and police sirens ring among the voices of the neighbourhood residents, […]


The eleven short films of the Interdependence project explore in a very sensitive, creative way, our attitude towards nature. The stories take place in all the continents of the world, reflecting the dependence that exists between human relationships and the environment and, specifically, how it affects climate change in the different regions of the globe.

Here we are

Can you see these beautiful trees? These strong, powerful trunks, sprawling branches, soaring into the sky and casting the shadow. How many memories they keep… They can tell you the story of the universe, because their roots are so deep, aren’t they? Don´t you see the trees? Oh, sorry. People live here from now on. […]