Otan O Wagner Sinantise Tis Ntomates

Otan o Wagner Sinantise tis Ntomates

Elias, a small farming village in central Greece, is dying out. But two cousins team up with the village grannies to cultivate tomatoes. With a little help from Wagner’s music, the villagers export their little jars with organic tomato recipes across the world. The film follows the protagonists of this unlikely story, as they struggle […]

Sembradoras de vida

Sembradoras de vida follows five women from the Andean highlands in their daily struggle to maintain a traditional and organic way of working the land. In the Andean cosmovision, women and earth are strongly interrelated: the female body and the Earth’s soil are both capable of giving life and it is women who, connected by […]

Sólo son peces

With delicate cinematography and excellent realization, this film illustrates the life in the Sahrawi refugee camps in the Algerian desert. With ingenuity and perseverance, armed with technical knowledge, three women, Teslem, Dehba and Jadija, create a fish farm that produces fresh fish miles away from the sea. In the middle of the desert, far away […]