Transformation and diversity. An adolescent undergoes the experience of defining their gender identity. During the search of it and their transition, they will have to fight their fears and face others, a society that attempts to repress that need to get to know themselves.

Todas estamos en el menú de alguien

It’s not the savannah or the rainforest but still, in society there are predators lurking in search of their victim. They harass her, corner her, waiting for the time when they’re the most vulnerable. Neither the predator nor the prey are animals: the predator, again, is the macho and the prey are the women.

Sueño de un machista subterráneo

On the subway, a typical urban misogynist falls asleep and in his dreams he experiences everything women experience on a daily basis: verbal harassment, objectifying looks and the physical violence they suffer day by day with nothing being done about it.