E – Transición y soberanía / Capítulo 3 / Cutral Có

Cutral Co, a lab belonging to National Industrial Technology Institute (INTI) measures low power wind turbines performance and fosters the installation of these “mills” in rural areas away from electric networks supplying urban areas. The lack of a more systemic public encouragement, as well as the difficulties local communities face when pursuing appropriation, make these […]

E – Transición y soberanía / Capítulo 2 / Armstrong

In Armstrong, Santa Fe province, an electric cooperative company decided to take the production in its own hands and, thanks to an alliance with governmental organizations, built its own eolic park and installed self-producing systems in twenty local houses. This process of distributed generation bridges the gap between production and consumption centers, as well as […]

E – Transición y soberanía / Capítulo 1 / Comodoro Rivadavia

Comodoro Rivadavia is a city built on an hydrocarbon field. Its centenary story, hand in hand with oil exploitation, shows the only spills are hydrocarbon spills. Inequalities present in this territory lurk in the shadows of an industry the life of its inhabitants revolve around. Comodoro is a metaphor of a world where the impact […]