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Earth: Muted

At the bottom of the Hanyuan valley in China, bees are going extinct due to the widespread use of pesticides and monocultures. In this ecosystem on the brink of collapse, the stories of three farming families in relation to nature reveal a relatable battle: the dilemma of choosing between your loved ones’ immediate needs and […]

The Silence of the Impenetrable

In the north of Argentina, a green patch of immense dimensions is discovered: 150,000 hectares of forest belonging to the La Fidelidad ranch. Its owner, an Italian named Roseo, is brutally murdered by landowning mafias. Before this natural paradise is dismantled, a group of NGOs achieve something unprecedented in the country: the construction of a […]

Among Birds and People

The country that hosts the largest number of bird species is immense. Over a hundred years ago, American investigators walked, sailed and crossed mountains to research the Colombian avifauna. Today, Colombian naturalists follow those paths in their own way. The investigators visit those places with children, youths and adults who play their part as co-investigators […]