Underneath the Bark

Set in the winter in the mountains in Córdoba, Argentina, César Altamirano, a rural worker, faces dire economic hardship. Seeking to improve his living conditions, he meets Héctor Zamorano, a construction businessman with whom he begins a promising working relationship. Zamorano puts César to the test—he asks him to start a fire to be able […]


For over a year, the Dannenrod Forest in Germany was occupied by climate-activists living in treehouses up to 30 meters high to protect the trees from being cut off. In October 2020, the police took action and the cutting of the trees began. This documentary follows the activists through their actions, their dreams and their […]

Eternal Return

An audiovisual dictionary that covers some everyday concepts during the Covid-19 pandemic in Argentina. Revolving around the philosophical notion of eternal return or eternal recurrence, this film addresses the environmental issues which affect our territory and our way of engaging with the species around us and the spaces we inhabit.