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Ricky, an activist scientist, has been accused of a terrorist attack that consisted of sowing a plant that grew and took over the cities, destroying the electrical and communication networks, and changing the world as we know it. The story begins when Ricky hides from the police in his old laboratory and remembers how it […]

El Tren y la Península

A look at the Yucatan Peninsula as the mega railroad project “Mayan Train” is built. Through the stories and reflections of its inhabitants, a collective narrative is woven to expose the environmental and social consequences of the development model imposed on the region and reveal a human landscape full of vitality and wisdom.

Underneath the Bark

Set in the winter in the mountains in Córdoba, Argentina, César Altamirano, a rural worker, faces dire economic hardship. Seeking to improve his living conditions, he meets Héctor Zamorano, a construction businessman with whom he begins a promising working relationship. Zamorano puts César to the test—he asks him to start a fire to be able […]