Of Quixotes and Seeds

Chef Santi Cordón takes his ‘vegycle’ (a bicycle/garden/cooker) from his hometown of Tudela to the Málaga Film Festival to promote his documentary about the last vegetable gardeners. The Malaga-born permaculturist Alberto Marín joins this eco-journey turned quixotic road-movie, as its protagonists plant a vegetable garden on their bicycle.

Agroecology Is the Key

Do we use agriculture to produce food or money? Is it profitable to produce without poison? How do we want to feed ourselves? Can we imagine agriculture as centered on biodiversity, as well as on soil and human health? Producers, retailers and consumers open their farm gates and doors to claim that agroecology is the […]

Hatun Phaqcha, Healthy Earth

Peru, a country rich in history, culture and above all in biodiversity, is also the land of many of the famed ´superfoods´; that is, natural products whose high nutritional content could transform the way we eat, here and all over the world. However, today Peru is one of the countries with the highest rates of […]