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Por el Paraná: `La disputa por el río´

Two documentarians embark on a journey along the Paraná River basin to explore the reality of the riverside. The expedition unveils the confrontation between the giant mega-ships of international trade, islanders, and locals. Amidst the largest drop in water levels ever, they navigate day by day to defend their unwavering connection with water and biodiversity.

El Ciar del Río

A kayaker goes on an expedition through a wild river, following some ancient navigation charts. On his journey, he discovers a tributary that defies all logic and follows it, despite the dangers that await him. The river will take him on an introspective journey through the Bermejo basin, where he must confront his past, his […]

Los de Abajo

Gregorio is a frustrated peasant living in a small village. Arrogant and bold, he resolves to reclaim the waters of his family’s old ditch, which was diverted by Colonel Iglesias, an Argentinian landowner, and the complicit town mayor for their own gain. Gregorio will have to confront the indolence, corruption, and socioeconomic dominance of the […]