Last Days at Sea

Reyboy is 12 and lives in Karihatag, a small, isolated fishing village in the south of the Philippines, where, every morning, the men set out to sea. Their daily catch is shared upon their return and the area close to the shore has been turned into an ecological safe haven for fish. In Karihatag, every […]

Man Kind Man

Man Kind Man revolves around the dream of three men and the dreams of two turtles. Water is what unites them and pollution is what hurts them, psychologically and literally. The human struggle against the windmills and the resistance of turtles who do not know the reason for their pain. What is it that is […]

The Water Walker

This documentary-animation hybrid film joins young indigenous climate activist Autumn Peltier in a very special journey. Narrated by the Hollywood indigenous icon Graham Greene, this amazing film traces the roots, the passion, and the perseverance this young woman needs as she prepares to speak at the United Nations.