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6th International Environmental Film Festival [FINCA]
Schools Section

Our Schools section offers a selection of films made by and for young people. It aims at stimulating discussion and critical reflection among students around socio-environmental issues from a human rights perspective. 

This sixth edition of FINCA (International Environmental Film Festival) will be held from June 1-12 in a hybrid format—both online and in person—under the motto #BiodiverseConsciousness, which moves us to seek the right inter-eco-dependency balance among the huge variety of living beings inhabiting this Earth, with its diverse settings and ecosystems, expressing our vision that every single element resignifies the whole.

Our in-person program, allowing for an encounter of young festival-goers sharing cinematic experiences, comprises around 30 audiovisual works entirely created by students from different schools in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, as well as a selection of national and international short films on relevant subjects, which will all be screened on June 1 and 2, at the Gaumont Espacio INCAA theater (Av. Rivadavia 1635 Buenos Aires, Argentina). 

Our online program will be available through imd-streaming and the finca.escuelas YouTube channel, allowing teachers and community leaders to download and use films as tools to prompt debates and raise awareness on key topics from this edition with students, thus promoting the active role of our audiences and citizens in general.

Biodiversity workshop by EcoHouse

The aim of the workshop is to encourage sustainable habits to reduce the impact of human action on biodiversity.

Through an interactive map, we identify national parks and their species, analyzing endangered species categories and the threats they face, to conclude with individual and collective plans of action.

In addition, there will be post-screening debates engaging filmmakers and young students  actively in a way that they feel empowered and enabled to make their voices heard.

Our Schools section works as a culture and human rights communication tool among the young, aiming at a more just world, educating new generations through film.

Enjoy in-person screenings and activities from June 1-5 and our online edition between June 1-12 at ·



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Sustainable Filmmaking

Participate in this in-person workshop with Birgit Heidsiek, Paloma Andrés Urrutia, Florencia Nates, Fabiana Bepres and Florencia Santucho.