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Sustainable cinema – Green production

What is sustainable development? What is the role of the audiovisual production industry when it comes to such complex issues as climate change? By looking at the history of international agreements and the most significant data of human impact on our planet, we will understand the concept of sustainability and apply it to our present time. In addition to this, we will define the most relevant goals of Sustainable Development for the industry and analyze examples of measures that can be adopted in each area to achieve productions with less environmental impact, assessing the current situation at filming stage, the limitations and challenges of taking sustainable measures and the benefits and advantages of it.

Organized by: International Environmental Film Festival – FINCA, Fiction Changing World – FCW and Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires – CCEBA.

Paloma Andrés Urrutia
She has a degree in Psychology (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas de Madrid) and she specialized in interactive processes and organizations’ behavior. She is an expert in International Cooperation Projects Planning and Management (UNED and the Organization of Ibero-American States). She has an international master’s degree in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (EOI Business School, Madrid, Spain).

Paloma is an expert in multisector alliances, a facilitator and a partner of the Partnership Brokers Association. She specializes in associative and interactive processes design and management, community training and involvement workshops,integration of social variables to sustainable development projects, group motivation and stakeholders engagement processes.

She is the founder of projects as diverse as a hotel in Nicaragua, and NGO, a Nicaragua-based comprehensive development center for people with disabilities living in extreme poverty and the President of the Funciona Foundation.

Paloma also founded the first audiovisual production company specialized in sustainable development in Spain, Fiction Changing the World, and she is behind the Dante Movement for the visibilization of the 2030 Agenda by means of massive-consumption fiction projects. Along with several audiovisual sector organizations, she is the founder of the Spanish Alliance for Sustainable Audiovisual Production.

MONDAY, JUNE 22 - 5 p.m.

Virtual format, interactive video conference.
By Paloma Andrés Urrutia
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