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Urban Biodiversity Day


Área Natural Yrigoyen

Localidad de Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires

– Environment Day –

Recognizing the importance of having natural, public-access spaces where we can explore and learn how to interact differently with nature, this year we would like to share a full day of activities at the Área Natural Yrigoyen. Together with the Asamblea todes por el Yrigoyen and the Isla Verde organization, we will have the opportunity to chat and get to know the huge wildlife biodiversity present in urban reserves, its importance and the different forms of community participation in territory management.

Todxs por el Yrigoyen is a horizontally managed assembly born in 2015 which is seeking formal acknowledgement from the Yrigoyen natural area as an urban ecological reserve in Vicente López, Buenos Aires. The Yrigoyen is a wild public area covering 9 hectares and hosting a huge biodiversity of native wildlife and the last traces of meadows from the Pampas and riverside wetland in the area. It is situated by the Río de la Plata, in a highly urbanized location, where green areas are few and far between yet the real-estate pressure is high. The Assembly is made up of a varied group of people and aims at promoting community integration based on environmental education through activities such as planting native species, cleaning up través de la educación ambiental mediante actividades de plantación de especies nativas, limpieza de costas, relevamiento de flora y fauna, entre otras.

Instagram: todesporelyrigoyen
Facebook: Área Natural Yrigoyen
Email: elyrigoyen@gmail.com

The Isla Verde organization is a environmental non-profit from the West of the Buenos Aires province, covering Palomar, Haedo and nearby areas. Their project seeks to establish an urban ecological reserve within a sector of the I Brigada Aérea El Palomar, Morón, Buenos Aires, including a cultural, environmental, educational, recreational and sustainable hub, thus creating an actual asset and proving that environmental actions can be compatible with population development.

Instagram: @islaverde.ong
Facebook: @organizacionislaverde

Sunday, June 5 - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Free and public activity (pre-registration required). In-person.
Co-hosted with Asamblea Todes por el Yrigoyen and Organización Isla Verde.
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