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Sustainable Production Workshop: A Team Effort

Nowadays, support is growing for audiovisual productions beginning to take into consideration environmental and social impacts. Supported by Europa en España, the Spanish Film Institute (ICAA) has incorporated sustainability to its assessment criteria for funding production of feature films, both national and coproductions. In addition to ongoing support and promotion of sustainability efforts for generations to come, funding provided to sustainable productions is an additional incentive to learn how to produce audiovisual content consciously. That is why FINCA, together with Another Way, is offering this online seminar for committed Latin American and Spanish filmmakers, with the following objectives:

  • Understanding the direct and indirect impact of sustainable audiovisual production.
  • Becoming familiar with assessment techniques and existing incentives around these new practices.
  • Exploring real-life cases of “green” productions.
  • Learning how to produce using sustainable practices from every area of audiovisual production.

The seminar will be held online and split into two days: June 9 and 10, from 9 to 1 p.m.

DAY 1: Meetings with area professionals from the public sector, film commissions, production companies and environmental consultants having applied production practices in line with environmental considerations.

Table A: Incentives to sustainable production.
Table B: Sustainable production: How to survive through it.

DAY 2: Short, dynamic exchanges among technical experts (heads of department) to identify opportunities and challenges surrounding the industry’s shift towards a more sustainable model, sharing advice and, perhaps, information on reliable suppliers. The more information is shared, the stronger the decision-making will be to direct their departments towards more suitable practices. Discussion will be encouraged among professionals from the following areas: Screenplay, Directing, Cinematography, Location and Art Direction.

Target audience: producers, production director, heads of production and production crew members for all kinds of audiovisual content, in addition to film theater managers, platforms and creators.

Organized by FINCA – IMD, Another Way Film Association and Cultural Centre of Spain in Buenos Aires.
Certificates of attendance will be provided.

The Another Way Association was founded in 2015, with the aim of informing, educating and raising awareness among the public on the challenges posed by the climate crisis, using culture–film, in particular, and its transformative power– as a tool. It also seeks to stimulate people through its play-based activities and specialized training, gathering various actors from the cultural and sustainability domains, from creators to NGOs, public officials and the private sector, opening up opportunities for reflection and discussion leading to multisectoral dialogue around the issue and its potential solutions.


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