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An encounter

Cinema and ecofeminism

Different experiences of women defending health, land and survival allow us to reflect and identify the strong link between gender and the ecosystem, women and environmentalism, feminism and ecology.

The goal of this project is to analyze these bonds in different cinematographic productions and Latin American ecofeminism.


Soledad Fernández Bouzo
She is a sociologist and a doctor in Social Sciences (UBA). Post-doctoral fellow at CONICET, Instituto de Investigaciones “Gino Germani” Urban Area Studies branch (IIGG, UBA). She made the research series Atravesando el río. Agua, contaminación y saneamiento ambiental en la cuenca del río Matanza Riachuelo (2009). She directed the social sciences informative flash fiction Mujeres del río (2018). She is the director of Quid 16, the magazine of IIGG Urban Area Studies. She works as an undergraduate and postgraduate teacher of subjects related to topics she investigates: environmental sociology, gender issues and audiovisual methodology.

Laura Borsellino
She has a degree in Communication Studies and specialist in Biodiversity Conservation (UBA). As an environmental journalist, she writes about political ecology and biodiversity in Florestanía and La Nación. She is a photographer, a cinephile, an amateur ornithologist, an animal lover and a passionate advocate of public space. She defines ecofeminism as reflection and practices to guide her path in all of these worlds.

Maitena Minella
She has a degree in Filmmaking and Screenwriting (CIEVYC) and she specializes in the latter. She is a member of Mujeres Audiovisuales (MUA). In 2017, she received the support of the Web Series Biennial of Young Art for Minga (screenwriter and director), available at She leads screenwriting gender-sensitive workshops and seminars since 2018 along with Florencia Tundis. In 2020, they were selected by the CCR program “Enseñá en el Recoleta”.

Florencia Tundis
She has a degree in Cinematographic Screenwriting (ENERC) and in Economy (UBA).  She is part of Economía Femini(s)ta, where she coordinates the audiovisual area, as a specialist in the job market with a gender perspective. She leads workshops and seminars, in addition to offering consulting services on feminist screenwriting since 2017. She conducted courses for Centro Cultural Tierra Violeta, Centro Cultural Morán, Fundación SAGAI, and soon for CCR and talks for the Ministry of Culture, ENERC and  Festival de Córdoba “El Detonar preciso”, among others.

Mujeres Audiovisuales – MUA
MUA is a civil association that gathers a vast network of working women (cis and trans women, lesbians and non-binary people) taking part in the production and making of audiovisual content for cinema, TV and new platforms in Argentina, as well as training on the field. It aims at promoting gender equality within and outside audiovisual media, generating actions to protect it and transforming discourses and practices that perpetuate stigmatizing gender stereotypes.

THURSDAY, JUNE 18 - 5 p.m.

Pre-registration required. Limited openings. Virtual format, interactive video conference.
Guests: Soledad Fernández Bouzo, Laura Borsellino, Maitena Minella, Florencia Tundis and Mujeres Audiovisuales – MUA
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