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Ludic and artistic tools for teachers who want to cover ecological topics in the classroom

The workshop will start by providing a general picture of the different issues posed by extractivism on the region, supported by images, data and testimonies. Martín Crespi will tell us how he managed to reflect these problems on his visual, sculpting and conceptual works, all of them gathered in his book Naturaleza Humana.

After this contextualization, teachers will be encouraged to point at the problems their schools or community face. We will see how to summarize and conceptualize a problem to then come up with different ways to approach environmental topics with children through art.

We will share tools and techniques for storytelling, such as sculpting with recycled materials, the making of paper puppets and the Japanese technique kamishibai. Finally, we will present ideas to implement them creatively considering the different educational levels.

*Suggested fee to support “Por los chicos” meal center from the “Costa del lago” slum in San Martín.

Inscriptions: please e-mail

Nati Fernández
She is a singer, a puppeteer and a visual artist. She studied Philosophy at UBA and singing at UNSAM. She founded “El colmo títeres” in 2006 and, since then, she has created different shows revolving around environmental protection. She was part of DOKUMA, international, educational network.

SUNDAY, JUNE 21 - 3 p. m.

Virtual format, interactive video conference.
Duration: 90 minutes
By Nati Fernández
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